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Beckhoff Automation:

Beckhoff Automation company offers one of the best CNC systems for burning machines on the market. It is used by thousands of manufacturers all over the world. Quality and reliability of this system is best proven by the fact that thousands of machines of machines are built with its use. Beckhoff Automation is a family company that takes pride in local development, manufacturing and worlwide technical support. All the services for Czech and Slovakian markets are provided  by a subsidiary company Beckhoff Czech Republic s.r.o. with headquarters in Brno, Czech Republic. Contact information can be found on


Quality and reliability:

The system is built on an industrial PC platform using Windows 7 Embedded or Windoes 7 Professional 7 operating systems, with TwinCAT 3 run-time system. The industrial PCs are designed in cooperation with Intel and Microsoft companies to ensure maximal stability and reliability. One of the very pleasant facts about TwinCAT 3 is that all the updates are free. Industrial PCs Beckhoff have been available for 15-20 years, so reliable supply of spare parts is ensured virtually everywhere in the world.

CNC for burning machines:

User interface of the CNC System Beckhoff is very intuitive with support of all the functions that are commonly requested on CNC machines. Some of the functions are burning plan, burning process, ability to set parameters for different materials, etc. Standard ISO G-Code for CNC is machines is used to ensure simple adaptation to CAM systems commonly available on the market.

Extensibility of the system:

Finally one of the advantages of the Beckhoff system is extensibility. Thanks to our EtherCAT real-time bus more technologies can at any time be included in the system, to add for example manipulators, robots, measuring devices, etc. 


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